FALL 2013

The Wellness Series:

Learn to De-clutter the Busy Mind

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I have been reflecting on how I have been helping people deal with a multitude of issues over the years. I introduce people to techniques and tools to help them cope with the stress in their lives, as well as, anxiety, depression, trauma, communication, self-esteem, you name it. It is my observation and experience that there are a series of tools that are useful to enhance a sense of wellness regardless of the issues we face. 

This has brought me to a point where I have decided to run a wellness series starting this fall. My goal is to introduce people to concrete tools for improving our sense of well being. I will run a series of evenings introducing a new technique each time. These evenings will include hands on exercises to teach you these techniques and show you how to use them. My aim is that you leave having had an experience of wellness that you will be able to draw on again and again. 

I believe that the more tools we have in our wellness “tool box” the more readily we can feel well. Each evening will be an introduction to a complete technique so that you will leave with one new tool each time you attend. You can come to one wellness evening or you can attend the whole series. It won’t matter if you miss one because each technique will be independent of the others. However, a great goal will be to develop a collection of techniques that you can use depending on the issue you want to address.

Okay so it may sound a bit dull but trust me it won’t be. One great contributor to wellness is fun. That is right. We feel well when we have fun. That means that each evening will be designed to encourage laughter, creativity, maybe even silliness! My aim is that you “feel” what it is to be well each time you attend one of these evenings. I promise that if you attend you will leave having learned something useful.


Come and join us for the Wellness Series where we will learn to de-clutter our busy minds by coming back to our senses, to the now, and stop our internal chatter from hijacking our thoughts and feelings.

Our goal in this series is to use some simple creative exercises to give us a focus in the present while we learn to identify our inner chatter and to redirect it. I will introduce tools to name this chatter that will make it possible to lessen its hold over us. Some examples of these tools include letting go by getting unhooked, de-escalating, noting aggression, noting and disengaging from dysfunction. These tools will help us deepen our self-awareness and strengthen our ability to de-clutter and redirect our busy minds. This will enable us to reclaim a sense of well-being.

NOTE: You do not have to be creative to join this series. There are no prerequisites. The creative exercises will vary in complexity based on personal interest.

WHO: Anyone who wants to learn how to achieve a greater sense of well-being.

WHEN: EVERY Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m. starting on Thursday Sept 19/13

WHERE: Kingston Integrated Heath Care Clinic 541 Palace Rd, Kingston (Bath Rd and Palace Rd near the Canadian Tire).

COST: The cost is $35 per evening and includes supplies. Space is limited to first come, first serve.

TO REGISTER: you can call me @ 613 547-8114 or email me @ kpantony@cogeco.ca . You can attend one evening or come every week. In either case you will need to register with me in advance.

Looking forward to collaboratively de-cluttering!